Cycle Out Cancer

We Ride Out So Others May Live

Riders and Activites

Riders and activites are currently being planned for these hospitale

Blood and Organ Donation

Information on donating blood from the American Red Cross. Information on donating organ from WebMD.

Servior Stories

After so many days of pain and boredom, seeing the Cycle Out Cancer riders was a real thrill ~Jennfer

I spent 10 days in the hospital just crying. The Cycle Out Cancer guys were so colorful and generous. They gave the hospital a very generous donation in my name and showed me even strangers care about me. ~Kristen

I had the good fortune to meet several Cycle Out Cancer guys.Everyone has been touched by cancer. They are out there doing something about it. ~Fritz

As soon as my treatments are over, I'm getiing Spydex motercycle to ride with Cycle Out Cancer. Can't wait ~Scott

7 Steps Every Cancer Patient Should Take

  1. Lean on friends that can see this through.
  2. Seek as much knowledge as possible.
  3. Treat your doctor and care givers as your best allies.
  4. If the situation is grave, get a second and third opinion.
  5. Embrace your treatment plan. This is how you will get well.
  6. Be prepared to change.
  7. Fill your body with good food and your mind with positive thoughts.

Key Terminology

not cancerous
a small sample of tissue
a disease where cells grow abnormally
the process of normal cells becoming malignant cells
the disappearance of the disease
cancerous celss
spread of cancer cells from primary area to a distant site
study of cancer